Sophia Somajo – “The Last Summer” ft. Seinabo Sey

Grantley Bynum-Bain, 4 years ago
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Sophia Somajo and Seinabo Sey join forces on “The Last Summer” – a head-nod-inducing, upbeat electronic track. On “The Last Summer”, listeners are greeted immediately with a vibrant kick drum, striking snare, and arpeggiated synths that dance back and forth from octave to octave. Following their introduction is Sophia’s exceptionally clear and warm voice, and accompanying her with more vocals is Sey. Together they sing about nostalgia for youth, growing up, and a monumental summer experience. Have a listen, and if you find yourself enjoying the track, follow Sophia and Seinabo on Twitter and SoundCloud for updates.

Sophia Somajo: SoundCloud, Twitter

Seinabo Sey: SoundCloud, Twitter


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