Ricco Barrino Releases New Single “Pray For Me”

LADY THRILLER, 4 years ago
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Hungry for Soul Singing, Ricco Barrino is dishing out new musical treats for his fans to savor. Ricco is all about touching the heart and feeding the soul. He has recently released an a la carte version of “Pray for Me” on You Tube, not expecting for it to penetrate the market like it has.

Ricco uses his velvety smooth voice, stirred with the flavorful and soul stirring sounds of the heavy piano cords produced by Team MFN. Barrino always seems to leave us mesmerized, not knowing what comfort food he has up his sleeve. What started as just a sample turned into a full course. Don’t get up from the table just yet; Ricco has more in store for 2016.

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