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Corey G, 4 years ago
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From his early work to now, 21 Savage has been progressing ever since with Issa Album being his most complete project to date. Yes 21’s lyrics are still violent and explicit but what can you expect from someone who grew up in that type of lifestyle of drugs and violence? That was his story to tell through music. 21 brings that type of authentic energy to the game which is like no other.

The album starts off strong with the second track “Bank Account” which could easily be single/radio worthy. From there the middle of the album is filled with bangers that include “Thug Life”, “FaceTime”, and “Dead People”. 21 shows his growth on the track “Nothing New” where he opens a lens into his past personal life and also speaks on the struggles and issues of young African Americans growing up in poverty stricken areas. 21 closes out the album by showing a more vulnerable side with “Special” speaking on a relationship and from there the tape ends with two bangers “Whole lot” and “7 min Freestyle”.

Issa Album was a solid debut but time will time how much evolving will take place from his success and whether 21 can balance maturing while also keeping his core slaughter gang fans. 21 did what he does best on this album which is telling his story on a beat regardless of how it is perceived by the masses.

Quotable: “Nothin New”

“They thought I only rapped about murder and pistols
I’m tryna feed my family, I ain’t being political
If you ain’t givin’ out money then they look at you pitiful
You make a couple million, niggas greedy, they envy you”

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