NSM Premiere: Tobilla- Aye Okay

Megan Berberich, 4 years ago
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I’m not perfect neither, I hope you can see

It’s not everyday you get feelings this deep

And life is too short to not say what you mean

With the release of this Columbus artist’s debut EP, “Truly Yours, Tobilla” last month, Tobilla has announced that he’s dropping a follow-up EP entitled, “II.”

For this Ohio artist, it’s serving as an update on the road of being “Tobilla.” It shows how he’s grown as an artist and human,  seeking to be more transparent with himself all while strengthening his sound and skill.

“Aye Okay,” is the first single off of his up-coming EP produced by NoOneKares. As we’ve been following the evolution of Tobilla, we’ve seen the growth and progression his music has gone through. “Aye Okay,” is an example of what it looks like when you allow yourself to become vulnerable enough to write about what’s real- and that resonates.

For more from Tobilla, check out his SoundCloud here.


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