Mike Melinoe- Addict Ventures

Megan Berberich, 3 years ago
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Detroit’s conscious riddler Mike Melinoe is back with a slow and syrupy video titled “Addict Venture.” The honesty comes out in this piece, with his crisp clarity and drugged out ballads.

“Addict Venture’s” ode to substance and hip-hop dependence is off of Melinoe’s upcoming and untitled new EP. On the chorus, a funhouse mirror repetition of “we get high”, Mike stretches his voice to its psychoactive extremes. His brain cells may be slowly getting fried, but his wordplay is crisper than ever.

A mixture of classic boom-bap and intricate chaos, Melinoe’s music is so futuristic it’s out of this world (for real). What’s even more impressive is these trippy visuals came from 17-year old director Ciara Boniface. Enjoy “Addict Ventures” in the meantime and be on the lookout for Melinoe’s EP titled ‘Caveman,’ out this summer.

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