Sarah Schonert – My Unwinding State (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Sarah Schonert provides something completely different. Blending digital themes and classical influence, she juxtaposes sounds in a way that lends more to the creation of specific feelings, a true balance to the poetic nature of the lyrics.

Her fourth album and second LP, My Unwinding State, is split into two parts. The first seems rooted in the digital, in the day to day life of the modern world (“6 O Clock” and the addictive swoon of “Hit Save” are examples of this) while the second part feels more naturally rooted. The instrumental “Experienne” almost feels like a sweet rain. “Spare You Me” brings in horns, and “Stained and Smiling” offers a complete wrap-up in layers and the summative lyrics: “I’ve been worse but I’ve been better.”

The highlights of the album comes in the tracks, “We Were Something” which was co-written with Brett David. The post-breakup song has a melodic patterning of pianos which stands out on the first part. “Shadows Don’t Listen” is the longest song on the album at nearly five minutes, but the slow build and melodic focus works elegantly in its position near the end of the album.

The album was released on June 28th, and you can find it on Sarah Schonert’s Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. Also check out her website and Facebook to keep up with this experimental artist.

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