7fields – “Heart In A Cage” (The Strokes Cover)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Take The Strokes’ fuzzy, electric rock clamour and turn it upside down. Dig deep. Feel for the roots of the emotions, buried in the soil. Untangling that web of roots is what 7fields manages to achieve in his cover of “Heart In A Cage”.

Wolfgang Schrödl, the man singlehandedly behind 7fields, slows the song to a tantalizing pace, only picking up during the bridge, when the original takes a moment to slow down. The reversal allows focus on the lyrics; the emotional turmoil becomes raw amidst guitar plucking and a swell of piano.

Berlin-based artist Schrödl is known for his work with the indie pop band Liquido. His solo project gives him a chance to explore the facets of folk music and focus entirely on his own ideas. Following “Heart In A Cage”, he will be releasing two singles and accompanying music videos. The first for the atmosphere driven “Good to See You” and the second, a melancholic track, “The First Day”.

To keep up with 7fields during this exciting time, check out his website, Facebook, and SoundCloud pages.

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