A BOI – “See Through” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Taszlin Muerte may be best known for his work with Austin’s BLXPLTN — the high-octane trio who are unafraid to take on white supremacy and the problems that stem from it — but today we find him operating at a different level, though no less passionate. This is A BOI.

When he isn’t exploding with punk spirit and energy, Muerte is inspired by nuance, horror iconography, and soundscapes. It is these interests that he brings to the surface with his latest project. Today, we bring you “See Through”: the first chapter in a new vision. Laced with a grounding piano melody and driven by a looped drumbeat, “See Through” is all moody soundscape, all the time. Heavy vocals keep you hooked into a mystery as the accompanying video allures and enthrals.

The clip brings the natural world inside. A BOI moves through space with a universe (and beyond) inside. Death is ever-present, but so are the new beginnings of flowers, vibrant skies, and the endlessness of the forest. It’s horror and it’s dreamscape at once, as lush and haunting as the track itself.

A BOI may stand for “absolutely bereft of imagination”, but that sure doesn’t feel like the case with “See Through”.

To hear more from A BOI, you can find him on his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter.

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