aBIRD – “A Cool Island Song” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Adam Bird spent years playing with the band Those Mockingbirds before he decided to set out on his own and take control of his sound. Taking on the name aBIRD, he proceeded to release singles “Polluto” and “The Sun and the Moon” to acclaim, and now he’s back with a new clip for his track “A Cool Island Song” as he winds up to release his debut full length album.

aBIRD brings a rock edge to a synth-pop base. The synths that open “A Cool Island Song” certainly have a rhythmic getaway feel. There’s a sparkle to the quick and catchy melody that glimmers above the vocals, which evoke a passionate love with increasing personality and depth. At the bridge, the strumming of a guitar and an electric solo take over the track, and we are left at the addictive crux of genre.

The clip pulls nostalgia from what appears to be found home video footage. Between weddings and childhood bike rides, there is an affection in the images that reflect all the light of the synth lines. For unity, there is a methodical disintegration feel to the footage, including that of aBIRD himself. Animated flashes of light and changing colours create a sense of movement that also fuels a sense of nostalgia and timelessness.

“A Cool Island Song” is full of affection and bridges genres in a way that is all-around gratifying. To hear more from aBIRD as we await his upcoming album, you can find him on his Website and Facebook page. You can also follow the artist on Twitter.

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