Adesuwa- Air Light

Megan Berberich, 4 years ago
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Queens artist Adesuwa, connects the old with the new in her debut EP, “Air Light.” The New York songstress manages to create a hybrid of 80s style, electronic, and soul-influenced music.

The beautiful vocals provided by Adesuwa, brings nothing but an emotion-filled and awe-inspiring voice to synths flawlessly woven into the smooth drum beat co produced by Adesuwa and Brad Williams. The EP takes you on a journey of unbridled love, desire, spirituality and sunsets. Adesuwa’s sensual organic voice merges with the electronic instrumentation quite perfectly.

The musician describes Air Light as ‘ waking up in a dream. A moment where all things felt are said, but never shouted, where the surreal is reality; the past and future combine in a place I can never find when I look, but always find myself in. Its my soul, its my trip.’

Check out Adesuwa’s SoundCloud for more music.




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