AIR APPARENT – “Asking You”

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Originally from Atlanta, Georgia and now based out of San Francisco, rising artist AIR APPARENT makes his way onto the NewSickMusic pages with his latest single “Asking You”. Having always been interested in surrealism in movies and the trope of dream sequences, the Indian-American producers music is inspired by the concept of “dreams”.

“More importantly than the individual song, I really want to help bring more of an Asian identity into popular music. Nearly every culture has rich musical traditions but somehow Asians still constitute a tiny minority among musical artists in America. In addition, among many of my Asian peers, we’ve found that creative careers like making music are often perceived in the culture as career choices that are nonviable at best and lazy at worst. I hope that by creating great music, I can help raise awareness of other identities and experiences in the music industry and also encourage others to showcase their art.”

Listen to “Asking You” above and be sure to follow AIR APARENT on Spotify and SoundCloud to stay up on all future releases.

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