Ajay Mathur – “Nothing Really Matters”

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Ajay Mathur’s latest album 9 to 3  has seen critical acclaim for the honesty and depth that Mathur brings as a songwriter, as well as the ambitious forays into an array of genres. Though released on May 1st, 2015, the album is still making news. 

Now, Ajay Mathur has a new offering with the music video for the 2017 Grammy nominated track “Nothing Really Matters”, a song that brings hints of 90s grunge and uses a full range of complexity to convey intense emotions. From growling to howling to chanting, the song seems to shift and sway beneath the surface.

The video, which was created in collaboration with photo artist Raffaella Bachmann, brings the starkness of the song to life, while developing themes of its own in the form of repeated image motifs. Water is a prominent force within the clip, as is the natural world. It is only near the end that elements of humanity become fully present. The use of black and white photography brings a starkness and simplicity that compliments the electricity of the guitar lines.

“Nothing Really Matters” has a certain darkness to it, a draw into a strange world that on second glance is ours, and the video weaves around this elegantly.

To hear more from Ajay Mathur, check out his website, SoundCloud, and Facebook pages during this exciting time.

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