Albert Hammond Jr. – “Far Away Truths” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Disappearance and reappearance emerges as a visual theme of Albert Hammond Jr.’s new video for his track “Far Away Truths”. The rhythm guitarist from the Strokes is making his own reappearance with his solo releases, which pivot around the same buzzy and melodic guitar sound of The Strokes but find uniqueness in Hammond Jr.’s songwriting.

With a bouncy and tight melody, “Far Away Truths” sees the vocals soaring and clear. The explosively catchy track will instantly wrap itself around you. The accompanying video plays on the hard line of psychedelia. Shadows blend and split as the colourful light illuminates the white background that Hammond Jr. performs before. There is also emphasis on his performance as a vocalist, with the sole prop of the video being the microphone which he sings into, swings, and dances with. It’s an all-around good time.

The track, and Hammond Jr.’s upcoming release of Francis Trouble, come as exciting news for long-waiting Strokes fans, but the music is more than a stand-in. “Far Away Truths” excels as an indie-rock track set to roll through the scene.

You can play the “Far Away Truths” game here! To hear more from Albert Hammond Jr. as we await Francis Trouble, you can find him on his website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

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