Album Review: Unwill – “Can’t Kill Me”

Ryan Kwiecinski, 2 years ago
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This past Friday, NY based rock band Unwill released their sophomore album “Can’t Kill Me.” The 9-track effort is filled with head-banging jams that instantly dragged me in. Personally, I can listen to all different types of music and this is one of them. From start to finish, the album is really a ride through a bunch of different emotions, and is overall a solid effort. Immediate standouts include: “The Circus” and “Intention.”

Unwill has had experience playing Vans Warped Tour, and right away their music brings me back to those memories of taking photographs at Warped Tour. Vans Warped Tour may be over, but thanks to bands like Unwill, through listening to their music I feel like I am right back there.

Now it seems as if a lot of current Rock bands sound very similar and generic, but Unwill completely breaks that mold. They are bringing something else to the table that I haven’t heard in awhile. Through this album, they prove to be a dynamic band, a band that I am very much looking forward to see live.

Check out “Can’t Kill Me” now, and make sure to watch the music video for “Keep It Gold.”

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