Album Review: Wiggz – “Free Agent”

Ryan Kwiecinski, 2 years ago
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23 year old Philadelphia-based Wiggz rapper just unveiled his new project, “Free Agent.” With very strong songwriting skills and a unique sounding voice, Wiggz reminds me a lot of Witt Lowry. This is a great thing in my opinion, because I believe Witt is one of the best artists out right now, and this is not to say that Wiggz sounds like a copy of him, because Wiggz has a very well developed, original sound.

Wigs talks about a lot on this project, from topics ranging from him coming up to everything he is dealing with right now in life. This project sits well with anyone who is a fan of GOOD rap music. This is not the oversaturated music you will find on the radio right now. In fact, this is simply put quality music.

When asked about the project, Wiggz said “Throughout the process of making this album, I found myself rewriting or deleting songs that weren’t “me” enough. We as musicians see another artist doing well and we assume the only way for us to have success too, is to duplicate what they did well. I wanted to break that mold. “Free Agent” allowed me to do just that.”

Standouts from this project include: “Work,” and “Dead and Gone,” but the whole project is a great listen.

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