Alessia Cara, up and coming Def Jam Hip-hop/RnB crooner shares her polarizing debut EP two days ahead of it's release.

Alessia Cara – ‘Four Pink Walls’ EP

Anthony Wetmore, 5 years ago
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Alessia Cara polarized us earlier this Summer with her break out track “Here” that not only encapsulates the uneasiness and self-introspection that comes at a less than pleasant party experience, but turns the very idea of ‘party music’ on its head. Cara takes the environment and brings us two layers deeper into herself with her smooth, almost crooning voice and the curious nature of being wholly present for an awkward situation opening the floor to bigger questions and a search for a good place to sit and wait to leave ‘Here’.

As an introductory track, “Here” couldn’t have been more powerful or poignant, leaving us waiting with baited breath to see what else Alessia could do. Turns out, she can do so much more than what was presented.

Releasing her debut EP, Four Pink Walls, herself two days ahead of the official release, Cara gives us “Here” and four more tracks to further fall in love with her.

In addition to the release of the EP, Cara has posted self made videos for each track.


“Seventeen” opens the EP with a bumping beat and a life lesson from Cara, the passage of time, the fading of memories and ultimately how the changes we go through at a young age haunt us through life, drawing on yearnings for yesterday. The track touches on the nature of time and how advice we were given before can shift meaning and become something different as we move on through phases, growing along with us; wisdom fleeting and gaining in imperfect unity.


“Outlaws” is a rollicking horn-speckled anthem, a promise of friendship from a deep personal place. Cara intones over and over to run and not stop. We may be on the outside and against the world, but we are together in this. “You’ll never battle the gavel alone.” Cara swears, and I wholly believe her, there’s such a sincerity here that’s refreshing to hear in a hip-hop pop song.

“I’m Yours”

“I’m Yours” is a song of love with a deep banging drum beat and gentle guitars that roll together perfectly. Alessia is cautious, she warns her love she doesn’t often let someone in so close. “Tore down my walls, opened my doors, made room for one, so baby I’m yours…” Cara gives her word with the sincerity and caution of a person who’s been hurt but has mind enough to give a shot at someone who approaches in such a way as to give new light to the idea of love.

“Four Pink Walls”

The title track “Four Pink Walls” finishes out the far too short EP with a slow danceable beat peppered with record scratches as Cara ruminates on her current situation previously seeming to wait around forever quite literally within the four pink walls of her room for life to start and then the sudden shift into stardom, the success of her initial single (the aforementioned “Here”) signing with Def Jam and whatever else is to come.

“Here” (Official Video)

Whether you’ve been blasting “Here” all Summer or are just finding out about the immense talent she has, I highly recommend you pick up the “Four Pink Walls EP” listen and listen again. There is such an honesty and soul-baring nature in Alessia’s music I haven’t found anywhere else in a long while.

I can’t assure you you’ll be able to handle the wait until her full album release later this year with Def Jam. I would say I’m sorry, but that would be a lie.

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