Allen Poe- Memory (prod. Denmark Vessey)

Megan Berberich, 4 years ago
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Allen Poe, an MC based from Versailles, Kentucky takes listeners on a journey through our own past. As social media consumes much of our lives, at times it can hinder our purest form of certain memories. Live-tweeting the Super Bowl or taking videos at a concert can warp they way we remember specific periods of time.

According to Poe: “Memory” is an easy going consideration of how our past has a strong role in our present thinking. Even when a lot of our thinking is guided by some form of technology, our memories will always factor prominently in our psyche.”

Poe’s love for wordplay and poetry continues to evolve as he focuses on relatable themes and common experiences that resonate with his his listeners.


Production from Denmark Vessey works seamlessly with Poe’s smooth flow.

Let us know what you think of “Memory,” below.

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