Amanda Easton – Polaroids and Postcards (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 month ago
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For the owner of such a lush and lively voice, Amanda Easton is not afraid to tackle ideas of loss on her latest release, Polaroids and Postcards

The Australian songstress has travelled extensively as a performer, has hosted and produced radio shows, and released two albums and three EPs. Tethering 70s and 80s grandiosity to modern electronic beats and melodies, Easton is not afraid of pushing boundaries as she explores her own emotional spaces. 

Polaroids and Postcards kicks off with an ode to David Bowie. Not only does Easton manage to capture the legend’s vocal patterning on “Man Who Fell to Earth”, she imbues the lyrics with more easter eggs than a children’s egg-hunt event. “Rockabilly Blue” touches on similar ideas of loss: “I’m sending love to you / don’t leave us so soon / my rockabilly blue,” she sings. Electronic haze filters over the heartbeat rhythm and 70s heat. 

Loss is also present in “I Saw the Message”, which tells clearly the story of finding transgressive messages sent by a lover to someone else. How do you navigate the emotions and betrayal? “I’m holding this grenade,” Easton sings, “But I don’t know if I should throw it because the damage has already been done.”

Moments of restraint (as on “Eye to Eye”) balance out the heavier spaces of the record, creating a balanced collection of full-bodied songs. If the genre-blending doesn’t reel you in, the larger-than-life presence of Amanda Easton’s voice will do the trick. 

To hear more from Amanda Easton, you can find her on her website, Bandcamp page, and Facebook. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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