Amaris – Neon Colors (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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An avid science-fiction fan, a writer, and a skilled musician with such careful control over her voice as to almost make you gasp, Dutch songwriter Ámaris has momentarily stepped away from her band, Geiko,  to create Neon Colors, her gem of a solo record.

Plenty of self-harmonizing and a stunning vocal range keeps Ámaris’ blend of synth-pop unique. She moves smoothly from songs that are thematically more tied to another reality (“Alien Games”, “Critical Orbit”), but also creates songs rooted in more familiar territory (“Neon Colors” is a poetic love song). Her beats routinely elevate the tracks and ensure that you will be tapping along  — both in the moment and later, as you realize that the addictive quality has something unshakeable to it. “Fever” is a highlight because of this: in the nature of true synth-pop, you’ll want to be moving. The melody sparkles.

Ámaris is careful to never overload her music, and with her powerhouse vocals, the choice is a strong one. “Deep Into Space”, though it builds, carries with it a sense of the minimal. Harmonies and overlapping vocals carry forward to “Bassline”, before a darker side of the genre is explored with the more electronic “Swim On”.

Dark or light, in this world or another, Ámaris’s Neon Colors is a record with the ability to transcend. If you’re looking for a catchy, danceable adventure to spice up your music, this is certainly the record to check out.

To hear more from Ámaris, you can find her on her website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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