American Amnesia – “…Yet Here We Are” (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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How long has it been since you listened to a band — a new band, a young band — and found yourself struck with their sheer technical ability? American Amnesia is a three-piece (yes — all that sound is only three people) band out of Torrington, Connecticut, and to top it off: they’re all teenagers.

…Yet Here We Are is the perfect title for a debut album by a band in a fight against the assumptions of their youth. It’s a declaration before the album starts, but once the music kicks into gear and launches into their explosive breakdowns, that declaration is unnecessary. These tracks demand attention. Almost every song features a guitar solo and a dynamic shift. Vocalist and guitarist Patrick Nemaizer is often the focus with his riffs and balance of speaking and singing (“Carillon” and the near-rap on “Questions in the Dark” are examples), but bassist Gus Pac outdoes himself on “Means to an End”. Pay attention to Sam Cesnak’s drums on the classic grind of “Richest Poor Man” and “No Doors”, where the rhythm section shines and drives the tracks.

But for all the moments of near-prog control (the ominous tone and lyrics of “Stars of Orion” stand out), American Amnesia are at their best when you can see through their technical ability to their youthful grit. The punk emotion behind the vocals on “The Candle” and the heavy wall of sound on “Time” are moments that feel alive. It’s clear that American Amnesia have plenty of energy to go around. These moment are what keep me anxious to see what kinda vibe they drop next, and what keeps me coming back to …Yet Here We Are.

To hear more from American Amnesia, check out their website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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