An Old Friend – “Nesting” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 months ago
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The comforting wash of effected guitar steadiness is the initial draw of “Nesting”, but it’s the high-stakes world of An Old Friend’s heavy emotions that lock you down. With Cody Kohler at the vocal helm, An Old Friend are making tunes that wrap around a room. 

The Long Island band tether their trademark ambiance to a resonant, snapping beat and ever growing levels. Dreamy haziness gives way to a smooth, deeper pool of sound, running gracefully but not treading lightly. 

The video brings these same characteristics into focus. Mystery and intrigue prevail as a haunted house is search with a flashlight, but there is something crisp to the golden hour light. Chased from the house by a crowd of people in masks, our hero finds himself at the end of his journey, face to face with the reality of what (or who) he is running from. The mood is more surreal than creepy — even with the haunted house — but it lingers in the back of your mind all the same. 

To hear more from An Old Friend, you can find them on their Facebook page and SoundCloud. You can also follow the band on Twitter

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