Annamay releases dual singles “Out of Reach” and “Om Hon Hade Vetat”

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 weeks ago
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Swedish artist Annamay has many talents that rush together into a unique sound tethered by sweet softness. In her two releases, “Out of Reach”, and “Om Hon Hade Vetat”, she showcases her range.

The singer-songwriter is also an expert level engineer in underground infrastructure and urban planning — and the attention to detail necessary for that role is present in her music. “Out of Reach” matches trickling piano with a depth of vocals. The melody is strong: you wait for it, then it lingers. In Annamay’s words, the track is about “lost opportunities that may arise again” — something we can all hope for. An electric guitar gives the song enough edge to thrive. 

“Om Hon Hade Vetat” changes the pace entirely. Rollicking with a classic rock hop, the Swedish language dances along the buoyant percussion. Here, the piano and guitar work together with a detailed grace that is hard to ignore. This track moves, and you will want to move with it. 

Previously a solo artist, Annamay now has a band behind her, pushing her onwards and upwards for her future releases. “Out of Reach” and “Om Hon Hade Vetat” are a taste of something grand to come. 

To hear more from Annamay, you can find her on her website and Facebook page. You can also follow the artist on Twitter

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