Anne-Marie – “Alarm”

Katie Puccio, 3 years ago
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Right out of the gates, you can tell this song is going to be fire. “Alarm” by London-based singer, Anne-Marie, is an anthem for the angry woman who has been cheated on and played by the bad boy. We’ve all been there– relationships we know are unhealthy, yet we stay anyway– and Anne-Marie manages to perfectly express that sinking feeling when the “alarm” finally goes off and we realize just how deep in we are through music. After hearing this song and reading on her Facebook that she is a three-time world karate champion, I realized that this Brit is not someone with whom you’d want to mess.

Layer by layer, the texture of this song gets more dense as it progresses forward. There is a clear build up as the listener moves through the hook, where the pianos chords enter, into the main chorus, where clap-like beats emphasize the matter-of-fact sentiment of the lyrics. This track reminds me a lot of Miley Cyrus circa Bangerz. Anne-Marie’s voice has the same gravelly punch we’ve come to know and love from our favorite, former child star. Just in time for summer, this is the ideal song for rolling down your windows and belting your broken-heated blues away. Only having been posted four days ago, “Alarm” already has 25K+ plays and 1.5K+ likes, which is pretty impressive.

Anne-Marie’s tunes are full of dancey, electronic knockouts. If you’re looking for a soundtrack for dressing drinks before a night out, look no further! Stay up to date on her new releases and what’s going on in her world by following her on Twitter, Instagram, or by checking out her website. To hear more of her music, give her SoundCloud or YouTube a listen– you won’t be disappointed!

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