Antonio James – These Walls (Single)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Antonio James‘ sweet blend of R&B and chillwave has returned for your pleasure. And pleasurable it is. The UK producer’s latest track, “These Walls” creeps around in your head, the thrum of the bass somehow physically manifesting in a deep reverberation. The ambience hums. Antonio James’ aptitude for a unity of effect finds a home as his voice lulls and speaks of “these voices in my head.”

The deep and distorted rap fills out the sound of the track as background voices come and go. A mystery with just enough desperation to draw us into James’ mind, where the walls close in and trap us. It’s a personal song, and bears the weight of trust. The loneliness within the walls becomes enjoyable, if only because he is right there with us.

“These Walls” will be released on March 4th. To keep up with Antonio James, check out his SoundCloud, Website, and Twitter pages. You can check out his last track, “Midnight Mirror”, right here.

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