Aradia – “No One Can Stop You”

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 weeks ago
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Brooklyn-Based Aradia is creating power-pop anthems with purpose. 

Aradia composes and produces her own music, retaining control of her messages. With a passion for animal rights & rescue, racial & gender equality, and sustainability — this artist is using her voice and art for the betterment of the world. And what a voice! Backed up with snapping percussion and straight-outta-the-80s synths, “No One Can Stop You” is a showcase of talent. 

The rambunctious single is an anthem to women everywhere. The song embraces the power of femininity while acknowledging the all-too-modern struggle to be heard. “I’m not saying it won’t be difficult,” Aradia admits, “but we’ll move forward till they hear the call.” You can watch the official lyric video here for every word of her message.

Whether the snap of the percussion is present or holding back, or sampled sound is adding an extra layer of depth, it is Aradia’s voice that keeps you hooked on the melody. This is a fight song, a dance song, a celebration, a march. 

Aradia is currently working on her upcoming album and playing plenty of shows in the meantime. To hear more from the artist, you can find her on her website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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