Arden & The Wolves – “Mary Did You Know” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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There are moments in our youth where we are given the opportunity to make creative choices, to help us understand what we want to create, what we like. When she was seventeen years old, Arden Leigh chose “Mary Did You Know” to sing at her school’s Christmas festival. In the years since, she has waited for someone to record a version that pushes the haunting melody to its full potential, but it never happened. After the release of her Who Can You Trust EP, she decided to create it herself.

Arden & The Wolves add a lushness to the holiday song, but it is Leigh’s voice that most prominently soars. Huge and dark, she brings her own passion to life: throwing it out so that the melody sticks with the listener. This song might not yet be one that comes to mind when you think of holiday classics, but Arden is striving to change that. The clip for the track shows Leigh amidst religious imagery — from candles to sculptures: the Christmas spirit is alive here.

Though the recording of “Mary Did You Know” was meant to be a moment of creative respite after Who Can You Trust, Leigh is never one to do something without doing it fully. The song threw her into epigenetic research where she drew parallels to the human relationship to the church. You can feel the underlying messages that Arden & The Wolves are trying to share in the track, which she has released as a gift to her supporters and to the world.

To hear more from Arden & The Wolves, you can find her on her Bandcamp and Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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