Starlito – “Black John Stockton”

Corey G, 06.16.17 @ 9:14am EDT
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Mr. Grindhard himself released a new track titled, “Black John Stockton”. The production comes from a song by Russ named “Losing Control”. The title and “feature” is very interesting because...

B.O.Y. – Winning

Corey G, 06.07.17 @ 2:54pm EDT
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The Migos of R&B? Ok maybe it’s too early to call but there is obvious talent in the group. B.O.Y. is composed three of women by the names of Summer,...

Retro Budd – “Paranoid”

Corey G, 05.17.17 @ 11:36pm EDT
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Representing from my home state of Alabama, where you can find a plethora of talent, Retro Budd’s name has been buzzing for some time. The Birmingham native’s melodies and flow...

SZA Ft. Travis Scott – Love Galore

Corey G, 05.03.17 @ 8:39pm EDT
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“Love Galore?” The title of SZA’s single featuring Travis Scott is an interesting choice of words for this piece as you will find out as you watch the music video....

Jaxon Rose – Freak

Corey G, 04.23.17 @ 12:57pm EDT
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Jaxon Rose is known for his impressive vocals and melodies which has drawn him comparisons to well known vets in the music industry. Raised in Texas, Jaxon’s musical style is...

Wiz Khalifa – Lost Files (Kush & OJ)

Corey G, 04.17.17 @ 1:30am EDT
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To celebrate the 7 year anniversary of the classic mixtape Kush and Orange Juice, Wiz Khalifa released three new tracks: Lost files, Get It On Your Own, and Coachella. All...

Lil Dicky – Pillow Talking feat. Brain

Corey G, 04.13.17 @ 9:26am EDT
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From the Snoop stamp on “Professional Rapper” to a hit song with Fetty Wap, Lil Dicky is back for the release of his music video for “Pillow Talking” that is...

Bibi Bourelly – Perfect Night ft. Earl St. Clair

Corey G, 04.11.17 @ 10:14am EDT
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It feels like everyone knows a Bibi Bourelly. That one cool ass, down to earth girl that you can just be real with. Bibi Bourelly is a rising artist that...

Killa Kyleon – Lorraine Motel (EP)

Killa Kyleon – Lorraine Motel (EP)

Corey G, 04.09.17 @ 10:43am EDT
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On April 4, Houston rapper Killa Kyleon released his latest project, Lorraine Motel. The significance of this date is that it marked the 49th year of the assassination of Martin Luther...

Kodak Black – “Corrlinks And JPay”

Corey G, 04.04.17 @ 10:56am EDT
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Dope rap does not always mean spitting the hottest bars or “rapping your ass off” on every song, even though Kodak Black is capable. Sometimes simplicity and gravitating to people...

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