Chordashian – “The One (feat. Great Good Fine Ok)”

Ross Thompson, 12.02.15 @ 7:37pm EST
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Brooklyn-based electronic duo, Chordashian (guess who that’s referencing), teamed up with fellow New Yorkers, Great Good Fine Ok for a classy disco pop track, “The One”. Following the success of...

Hoodie Allen – “Champagne and Pools” (feat. blackbear and KYLE)

Ross Thompson, 11.19.15 @ 5:35pm EST
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What happens when you put Hoodie Allen, blackbear, and KYLE in a room together? They complete one of the most compelling new tracks on Soundcloud: seamlessly intertwining THE frat rapper, an...

Cheat Codes – “Follow You”

Ross Thompson, 11.11.15 @ 5:27pm EST
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Los Angeles DJ trio, Cheat Codes follow up a quiet two months with brand new single “Follow You.” The track was initially released on MrRevillz Youtube account in celebration of 800k...

Nick Gray – “Slow Motion” (Visual)

Ross Thompson, 11.11.15 @ 12:03am EST
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Boston hip-hop artist Nick Gray recently released an enthralling visual for his track “Slow Motion.” The iPhone 6 shot video (a distinction made in the intro) beautifully juxtaposes stacks of...

RAC and Big Data – “Fair Trade”

RAC and Big Data – “Fair Trade”

Ross Thompson, 11.06.15 @ 5:46pm EST
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In a move with low risk and very high reward, Big Data and RAC (the now one-man Remix Artist Collective) traded popular singles to reimagine the electronic nuances of each...

Powers – “Legendary” (EP)

Ross Thompson, 10.29.15 @ 6:59pm EDT
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Sorely missing out on some feel good jams? 3/4 of Powers’ EP Legendary have got you covered. “Beat of My Drum” is your airplay ready ode to cutting loose and...

The Mosers – “Ticonderoga” (EP)

Ross Thompson, 10.29.15 @ 5:10pm EDT
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Emerging from a few years of live performances, The Mosers step up to the plate with their first EP Ticonderoga. These New Jersey Rock n’ Roll fanatics bring a youthful...

Panama Wedding – “Infinite High”

Ross Thompson, 10.23.15 @ 6:41pm EDT
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With just two weeks from Panama Wedding’s EP #2, we have received the second single, “Infinite High.” Into Focus has, so far, built on its predecessor, Parallel Play, in the...

SK BRAINCHILD – “The Light” ft. Ruby Wood

Ross Thompson, 10.21.15 @ 5:27pm EDT
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SK BRAINCHILD has hit the ground running with first produced track “The Light” featuring Ruby Wood. The producer has already picked up radio play from BBC Introducing The South. The...

Young Rising Sons – “The Kids Will Be Fine”

Ross Thompson, 10.16.15 @ 1:40pm EDT
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Young Rising Sons have bravely stepped into a new era of their music. Following singles “Fucked Up” and “Flesh and Bone” comes EP The Kids will be Fine. Each song...

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