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Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Avi Jay D has a storied background, but whether he’s pursuing business or science, the aspect of himself that loves writing has stayed true. The project that is The Hypnosis Detox uses many of the aspects of  the artist’s past to create originality. Spoken word poetry is interwoven with deep, internal beats to create something sublimely cerebral. Let this world carry you into yourself and see who comes out on the other side.

Meditation, poetry, and rap are all present within this project: occasionally all in the same song. The sub-bass tones are felt physically as riffs swoop around. Whether you’re entering with the meditation of “Intro”, jamming to the beat of “Chapter One”, or feeling the way the words flow into each other with only the grace a poet could bring on “Chapter Ten”, there is enough diversity to keep the project endlessly interesting. It’s experimental, but not impenetrable.

Case in point is “Chapter Four”, which brings background sounds into the riff, creating a depth and a sense of an outside world. The track is deadpan first-person storytelling. Glossy to the point of being almost slippery, “Chapter Four” brings sexiness to the forefront. It’s catchy, dipping into whispers and finding rhythm in repetition. It’s a taste of the project as a while, though less subliminal than some of the other tracks.

Music has the ability to enter people’s minds and invite private reactions, and Avi Jay D seems to be aware of the impact his chosen medium can bring. Passionate about exploration, there is something unique and mystical about the achievement of The Hypnosis Detox. But you’ll have to hear it for yourself to find out its effect on you.

To hear more from Avi Jay D, you can find him on his website and on Spotify. You can also follow him on Instagram.

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