AWAS – “Blueberry Glam”

Chris Tanner, 2 years ago
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Nashville based electronic future-pop duo, AWAS, make their way onto our page with the release of their new single “Blueberry Glam.” The dreamy, upbeat track is the result of a creative period in which vocalist Ariel Hill & producer / composer Aaron Howard AKA Danny Melonz tried out a bunch of different sounds to see what direction they wanted to head in next.

We wanted to make something euphoric and uplifting so we used our own city, Nashville, as a reference to channel this emotion. Nashville has always been a source of inspiration for the both of us. It’s just swarming with creative individuals dying to express themselves and we just love that about it.” – AWAS

Be sure to check out the track above and don’t forget to follow AWAS on Soundcloud to keep up with all future releases.

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