Ayar debuts ‘Eastern Sliding’ video from ‘Off The Corner’ mixtape

Megan Berberich, 5 years ago
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With his recently released third solo mixtape Off The Corner, emerging East London Hip Hop artist Ayar has now unveiled the brand new music video for ‘Eastern Sliding’ – one of the stand out tracks from the Off The Corner mixtape.


Produced by Elcko and containing samples from Miguel’s ‘Girl With A Tattoo’, ‘Eastern Sliding’ sees Ayar putting it down for his hometown in East London. Featuring his trademark honest, gripping and compelling lyrics, over Elcko’s soulful and minimalist musical backdrop, Ayar shares but a glimpse of his day in the life around the east side of London, painting a much relatable picture for many of his listeners, no matter what part of the world they’re representing.


Shot in Canning Town where Ayar was born and raised, and directed by fellow one50 cohort Manny Grey, the ‘Eastern Sliding’ visuals capture the essence of real life in East London, with its expansive vignettes and aesthetics.

According to Manny Grey, “the visuals are an ode to a borough that made us who we are today. We’ve lived through its evolution, and our growth as brothers is heavily tied to the growth of our borough, which is coming into its own, like a phoenix from the ashes”.


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