Ayoe Angelica – “Stupid”

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Copenhagen based Danish/Ethiopian Singer-Songwriter Ayoe Angelica makes her way onto the NewSickMusic pages with her new single “Stupid”.

After spending the last few years touring Europe as back up singer for big Popstars in Scandinavia, she is now focusing on her own project, delivering her first cut with an unshakable confidence.

The raw, confessional quality of “Stupid” shows that she is an artist with strong storytelling abilities, but also a natural sense of melody, that gives her sound an easy and smooth ability.

“Though “Stupid” sounds like bittersweet a love song, it is actually not based on a traditional love affair but on these mixed feelings I often get as an artist. Writing pop music and performing can at times feels purposeless and I sometimes get insecure and feel like quitting all of it to start looking a “propper“ job. Others days I feel like music is actually living inside of me, that singing is the only way I can ever express myself.”

Listen to “Stupid” below and be sure to follow Ayoe Angelica on Spotify and Apple Music to stay up on all future releases.

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