Bblasian – “Above & Beyond” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 months ago
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There is something whimsical about the Hollywood party depicted in Bblasian’s clip for “Above & Beyond”. Perhaps it’s the highly saturated colour scheme, or the playful dives into the crisp-looking pool. Or, wait, maybe it’s the clown. 

With seemingly endless pizza and women dancing in the background, this bash is one-part wild house party and one-part teenage dreamscape. Animation pops in now and then to give the clip an extra dose of capricious energy.

The joy in the video compliments the track, which sparkles with hooks and tidy production. Bblasian delivers his verses with a slickness, turning each twist into a melody that lingers. Near the end, Bblasian breaks away for a more candid inspirational message as an acoustic guitar trickles a sweet melody behind him.

Bblasian has been growing his acclaim by interacting with his fanbase in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, where the hip-hop scene eats up his energy and honesty. But here’s the thing about a loyal fanbase and a stellar sound: it doesn’t stay limited to one city for long.

To hear more from this rising star, you can find him on his Instagram, SoundCloud page and Twitter

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