Because of Twitter: An Interview With Schama Noel

Drew Morgan, 5 years ago
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Schama Noel is having an amazing year. He released the Ear Candy EP earlier this year, and very nearly broke Twitter with his take on how Meek Mill should have used in his diss against Drake (it’s better than what Meek actually said. WAAAAY better.) And he also signed a distribution deal with BonFire records to put Ear Candy EP and his upcoming release, Because of Twitter, on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. Its safe to say the 21 year old Florida native will be here for awhile. His use of social media to promote himself is a major part of who he is as an artist (see new project title), I caught up with him earlier this week using the only way fitting of interviewing the “Twitter rapper” extraordinaire, the DMs.

Q: What made you decide that your platform for marketing yourself/ your music was going to be social media?

A: Looked everywhere around me and couldn’t find any help so I had to take manners into my own hands. No labels, no radios, not even the venue owners in my city gave me a chance, they would try to charge me to open up for bigger artists and I just started doing things on my own terms.

Q: Throughout the past year you’ve had several interactions with Dawaun Parker. What was the most important thing you’ve learned from him?

A: To always challenge yourself and not let your fans put you in a box, experiment, push boundaries, follow your gut

Q: If you had to describe the two movements you’ve created, the Lonerz Club and the Sociella, how would you do so?

A: The Sociella = musical festival that revolves around the Internet
The Lonerz Club = individuality, open-mindedness & spirituality

Q: How surreal has it been to see your music on Tidal, Apple Music, and Spotify? And also how did you start working with Bonfire records, and what role have they played in putting your music on those services?

A: I always knew this would happen, just a matter of time, everyone in the industry knew me through the rapper emulator account now they’re all putting a face to me and the offers were ridiculous, way too much for a 21 year old lol, the CEO of bonfire hit me up with the distribution deal for 2 years and here I am about to release another album October 31st

Q: What can your day one fans, the ones who have been listening since God’s Playlist, expect from the new album?

A: By the end of the album, I’ll be in their top 7.

Look for Because of Twitter, dropping October 31st.
But for now, follow Schama on Twitter @SchamaNoel and give the Ear Candy EP a listen in the Soundcloud player above.

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