Ben Lorentzen – “Dead Man In The Closet” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Ben Lorentzen knows the importance of making every second in a song count. On “Dead Man In The Closet” he uses steady pacing and a heavy piano line to create a haunting pop ballad. The Norwegian born singer-songwriter embraces a noir ambiance in both his music and his video, and the pervasive mood expands as the song progresses.

The strongest elements of the track come from Lorentzen’s knowledge of when to hold back and when to release. “Oh, won’t you come down here and sway into the light,” he cries at the climax of the song as the piano swirls and rises. The track title is only ever delivered with a subdued energy that is nothing short of striking. Everything feels in perfect balance.

The accompanying video — directed by Johan Anderson — is shot in black and white and has an old-time saloon feeling that compliments the noir tones of the song. Lorentzen becomes the performer of the night as lights flare behind him and a tense scene unfolds at the bar. 

“Dead Man In The Closet” comes from Ben Lorentzen’s latest album, Pains And Pleasures Of Intimacy. You can check out his website, Facebook page, and SoundCloud for more music and news.

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