Bibi Bourelly – Perfect Night ft. Earl St. Clair

Corey G, 3 years ago
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It feels like everyone knows a Bibi Bourelly. That one cool ass, down to earth girl that you can just be real with. Bibi Bourelly is a rising artist that has a unique powerful voice that sounds special over a guitar. Bibi shows her relatability and free-spirited personality in the video above as she sits and has a regular conversation with fellow artist Earl St. Clair. They joke, laugh, and have meaningful discussions on numerous topics. The short documentary includes a quick spontaneous visual for their song “Perfect.” that is on her Free the Real, Pt. #2 EP. Check out the video as they share some their views, while still staying true to the people by showing them that they are human like them and by no means perfect. Buy, stream, and listen to Free the Real, Pt. #1 and #2

Directed by Adrian Yu

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