Bitch Falcon – “Clutch” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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What’s better than a grunge trio from Dublin with a reputation for killer live shows and an authority over their sound wielded like a powerful weapon? I don’t know, maybe a video that skillfully brings together closeups and flashing colours to create a sense of confusion laced with traces of escape. Oh, wait, Bitch Falcon bring both.

In their new clip for the track “Clutch”, singer Lizzie Fitzpatrick takes centre stage with raging vocals so raw you want to scream right back — or better yet, along with the song. A feedback filled opening and an unrelenting bass set the tone right. Here we have power, filling the room, making you jump.

The video uses stark colours, emotive faces, and closeups to build a world between escape and gritty reality. The band are playing their hardest amidst the sensations, and Fitzpatrick fills an empty corridor with her commanding vocal presence. Nothing is held back.

Keep your eyes open for Bitch Falcon, who are lined up for a few showcases including Canadian Music Week. You can follow the band on their Twitter and Facebook, or hear more on their SoundCloud page.

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