Biting Elbows – “Heartache” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 8 months ago
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Biting Elbows are making a haunting and genre-loose kind of post-punk that reaches far beyond the borders of their native Russia.

Frontman Ilya Naishuller is no stranger to the concept of making incredibly dramatic music videos. Perhaps best known in America for directing the clip for The Weeknd’s “False Alarm” in 2016, Naishuller brings that affinity for intense visuals to his own music. The video for “Heartache” is the first in a two-part series. “Control” — released at the same time — follows the characters once more as they move through a club and stumble into misadventure. 

Danger is the mood at the heart of the clip, which uses visuals expertly. The two characters at the centre of the drama speak to each other in sign language as the vocals climb around and, eventually, the guitar comes in for an electric swell. By the end of the clip, you’ve seen the couple go through a whirlwind of a night, all punctuated by Biting Elbows’ fluid-paced song. The surprise ending will have you clicking for the next instalment immediately. 

To hear more from Biting Elbows, you can find them on their website, Youtube, and Facebook page.

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