Bitter’s Kiss – Bitter’s Kiss (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Though young and relatively new to the recording process, singer/songwriter Chloe Baker is a force to be reckoned with. With the help of her long-time musician father and under the moniker Bitter’s Kiss, Chloe has created an album deeply refined, with vocals so strong and luscious that it is impossible not to imagine the grand future that is unfolding before her.

The album was released on March 31st and has since been gathering momentum within the indie-pop community. It is not difficult to see why. Tracks like “The Rope” which explores the suicide of a cousin with an honest and raw purity, and has an equally stunning music video that can be seen here, as well as “Already Gone” which highlights Chloe’s incredible vocal talents, contrasted with the musical excellence that comes out of “Waste of it All”, provide a clear picture of a young woman who refuses to be just a prodigy; Bitter’s Kiss is a lasting effort with the potential to forge a path alongside the likes of Regina Spektor and Lorde.

This being said, the possibility of pushing further, of jumping into the electronic club feel of “Lovin’ Life”, or the acoustic, organic vibes of “Love Won’t Make You Cry” are ever-present. It’s a strength, to be able to pull listeners into your journey, to have enough potential to create visions of various futures. What Bitter’s Kiss craves, now, is the inexactness of a live band behind her, something to spotlight the pure talent that Chloe Baker so clearly possesses. Or to fully embrace synthesizers and drum machines. At least for a time. Because if there is one thing Bitter’s Kiss has on their side, it’s time.

Overall, the future is bright for Bitter’s Kiss, and only the artists involved know which direction they will take. The possibilities are endless, and with this much talent, no choice is a bad one. To keep up with Bitter’s Kiss, check out the website, Facebook, and SoundCloud page.

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