Bitter’s Kiss – “Love Won’t Make You Cry” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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New Jersey’s Bitter’s Kiss is back with another soft and sweet song, and a strikingly elegant music video to match. The track feels wistful, but the lyrics beg you to find the right love, and Chloe Baker sings praise for the corporeal existence of something that is true. Don’t let yourself fall for something that makes you miserable. The track is uplifting when you feel down, but caters to the complexity of the subject matter. It’s Bitter’s Kiss all over.

The romance developed in the video is refreshing: we see a confident woman meet a shy man in beautiful Paris. Her smile is wide and knowing, while his is hesitant. The silent gaze of the actors works wonders to give chemistry and emotions to the narrative, which is something that Bitter’s Kiss excels at. There are images scattered throughout that are arresting: the silhouettes of the two figures in front of a clock face, for example, is symbolic and immense.

To hear more from Bitter’s Kiss, check out the website, Facebook, and SoundCloud pages.

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