Bleachers – “I Miss Those Days”

Shane Longoria, 2 years ago
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Jack Antonoff’s musical brainchild Bleachers is set to release its sophomore effort, Gone Now, in June, and he’s already given us a slew of singles with “Don’t Take the Money,” “Hate That You Know Me,” and “Everybody Lost Somebody.”

On Thursday, Antonoff unveiled a new single, “I Miss the Those Days,” and it’s a continued refinement of the neo-80s pop pastiche Bleachers has modeled their sound after. What Strange Desire lacked in establishing a clear identity, often retreating to the same 80s tropes we’ve already heard before, tracks like “I Miss Those Days” demonstrate that Antonoff is aiming to bring a layer of freshness and distinguishable identity amid the soundscapes he pays homage to.

The track is an infectious sign of what is to be expected from the forthcoming LP.

Listen to the track above.

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