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Punk was born out of a need to fight against the systems in power, but like so many genres, the roots become muddied and lost in the haze of defining tropes. BLXPLTN have not forgotten the power of context. Creating anthems against hierarchal systems in a time when we need to be standing up for what we believe in, this Austin three-piece has something to say, and they’re saying it loud.

NO ENGLISH is a track that takes on the nativism that is rampant in America. The guitar hook drives the song as the lyrics grow angrier and louder, erupting at one point into a scream. When the guitar begins to wail, the anxiety becomes palpable, pushed all the further by the lurching clip that accompanies the track.

The band members — Taszlin Muerte, Jonathan Horstmann, and Jeremy Kivett — are backlit by car headlights as they rock into the night, but this charismatic footage quickly cuts between the performance and shots of a shirtless man running from an ICE Agent. Everything is cast in shadows and nothing remains still in this video — and how could it? BLXPLTN asks us to get up and move for what’s right, holding everyone accountable.

To hear more from BLXPLTN, you can find them on their website, Bandcamp, and Facebook page. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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