Bly – “Superfluid”

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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The title of Bly’s new track, “Superfluid,” is simultaneously spot-on and perfectly ironic. The song uses the music to parallel the narrative: a character facing his walls being broken by a new relationship. The track is remarkable in its ability to convey the disconnected crumbling of the character’s emotional walls and known existence, while also lulling the listener into the sway of synthesizers that glide over electronic beats — a love story at its finest. The smoothness of Oliver Dibley’s vocals only accentuate the duality of the track. Benedict Carter provides those jagged, layered synths.

It is the disconnection within the song that keeps you hooked. Throughout, there is a sense of urgency, of keep-on-your-toes unpreparedness for what is to come. Because of this, multiple listens are incredibly enjoyable as the layers fall into place before becoming stuck in your head. The melody is undoubtedly catchy.

“Superfluid” arrives before the release of the Sydney duo’s debut EP. You can hear more of their music on SoundCloud, and follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for updates as we await more news about the EP.

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