Boogie – Out My Way (Bitter Raps 2) (Prod. by Keyel & Amaire Johnson)

Natalie Barman, 3 years ago
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Compton rapper Boogie has been on the rise since he dropped “Bitter Raps,” but it is only within the last year that he caught the attention of the masses. His trap banger “Oh My” played at parties across the globe and his project ‘The Reach’ earned him recognition from the mainstream and underground alike, ultimately scoring him a deal with Interscope Records. His straightforward lyrics and unique perspective on life in Compton set him apart from other MCs in the game right now.

Continuing his winning streak, Boogie has released another hard-hitting trap song. “On My Way (Bitter Raps 2)” is reminiscent of “Oh My”‘s banger-esque sound but with lyrics that show Boogie’s artistic growth over the last year. In spite of the heavy trap beat, the Compton rapper never sacrifices his words for the vibe. He effortlessly merges a serious message with a party-worthy beat. If this track is any sign of what is coming from Boogie in 2016, it looks like we’re in for a treat.

Listen to “On My Way (Bitter Raps 2)” above.

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