Boosie Badazz – “BooPac”

Corey G, 3 years ago
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The OG Boosie Badazz has nothing left to prove in his career. In this young man’s game, veteran rappers must find the middle ground between connecting with the current climate while still staying true to self and satisfying their core fans. Jay Z’s 4:44 is an example of an artist doing just that. Even though it wasn’t received as well with the younger audience it was an album well needed for the culture.

After seven albums and countless mixtapes Boosie is still delivering quality real music. Boosie has always been known to pull on emotions in his music so everyone might not relate to everything but a lot of people do and that’s why he’s Boosie Badazz and still relevant.

BooPac starts off with “Don Dada”, featuring two of Boosie’s artist B. Will and Lee Banks, where Boosie talks his boss shit hence the song title. Boosie is aware a lot of his fans struggle with real life situations so he still makes heartfelt songs like “Motherless Child” where he tells stories of kids growing up parentless and the consequences of that. Other songs like “Webbie I Remember”, “Me & Mama”, “My Pain Run Deep”, and “Heartless Hearts” are more personal drawing on emotion and are songs where he releases his hurt and frustrations. Boosie catered to the day one fans with “Different Cloth” and “Everything” which have more of a bounce than the others. The tape closes out with “Wrong Role Model” and “Trust Nobody” where Boosie is giving game and just keeping it real with his fans that he may not be the best role model because of the life he lived to get to where he is. Even though he’s successful, he’s experienced a lot of pain and deaths that he wouldn’t wish upon anyone else. Yes there are some fillers on the tape, and Boosie isn’t the same as ‘Bad Azz Boosie’, but the message and real lyrics are still embedded in the rapper as he continues to grow and mature.

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