“Bourbon Whiskey”- William Beckmann

Katie Puccio, 4 years ago
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Picture the image from Western movies of the lonely, heartbroken cowboy sitting in the bar nursing Jack Daniels, neat. If that movie were set in 2016, “Bourbon Whiskey” by William Beckmann would absolutely be the song playing in the background. This is the perfect song for drowning your sorrows, but also for leaning on your friends and picking yourself back up. And, hey, a little bourbon always makes things better, right?

Texas native, Beckmann, released a couple of singles on his SoundCloud two days ago, all of slightly varying styles. While they all have a folky character to them, I was drawn to the bareness of the solo guitar accompaniment of “Bourbon Whiskey”, plucking and strumming along behind a nice, warm baritone. His other songs definitely fall more into the singer-songwriter or folk categories, but “Bourbon Whiskey” lands solidly in the country genre, a nice change of pace from other songs you might hear on NSM. Lightly, during the choruses, you can hear Beckmann’s voice doubling up singing harmony, which adds a nice effect to the otherwise sparse accompaniment. This track is very reminiscent of the forlorn ballads from country and folk greats like Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, which is probably why I’ve been listening to it on repeat all morning. It has a message that is universal to all music lovers, whether you’re a country fan or not: sometimes breakups hurt, but all you need to do is find good company and good liquor to take your mind off your problems and walk away.

Beckmann seems to be only at the beginning of his music making career and we’re pretty excited. If you want to stay up to date with where he’s playing and what he’s writing, check out his social profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In the meantime, give his other songs on SoundCloud a listen. The kid’s got chops.

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