Broke Royals – “As Long As I Can See” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Every great story is made up of a hundred things that had to go just right to get the pieces in play, the moment to exist. The story of Broke Royals is no exception — but theirs is a tale more remarkable than most. The two-piece came together in 2014, when Colin Cross invited Philip Basnight to play with him, which became Broke Royals, whose first single went on to gain momentum in a Thailand that was undergoing a military coup. See? It’s a lot of pieces.

Broke Royals make music that resonates, and if you want to experience it for yourself, check out their video for “As Long As I Can See” above. The clip takes the grand swells of melody to the outdoors during a sunset. Beauty is pervasive here. The lyrics are interpreted in sign language by women and girls who lend a poignant new meaning to the lyrics. Everything is shot with a crispness that matches the clean production of the track. This duo is out to change the world.

The song holds itself up to the most uplifting pop today, but also bends into the kind of dance music you could find at a club. Broke Royals comfortably inhabit the best of contemporary popular music and use their skills to spread positivity.

Broke Royals’ self-titled album came out on November 17th and can be found on iTunes. You can also find Broke Royals on their website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page, or check out their Twitter.

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