Broke Royals – Love & Tatters (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 months ago
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Saint Luxury is back: this time on a more ephemeral, clandestine level. With the video for “Love & Tatters” — which comes off Broke Royals’ concept album Saint Luxury — the band once again teams up with director Scott Hansen to create a video shining with lens flare energy and a depth of story.

The song itself pulls at the threads of a relationship during a choppy time. There’s fighting, but there is so much love holding everything together, for better or for worse. All the while, that signature Broke Royals energy pulses outward, lingering on the ironic vocal catches of “It doesn’t really matter.” Somehow, it feels like it matters. 

Formally clad in a barn space that could be anywhere, the band bring their performance energy to the clip in between fragments of the lives of two people about to be forever changed. The chaotic energy of Saint Luxury is present in the flashing of lives, the confusion, and the need for escape. Eventually, our two characters head out in search of each other, trying to hold on in a world that is set on scattering them to pieces. 

You can find New Sick Music’s review of Saint Luxury here, and you can follow Broke Royals on their website, SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter for more music and news. 

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