Broke Royals – “Saint Luxury” / “Born to Break” (Videos)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 months ago
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Broke Royals have always been impressive on the music video front. After releasing their conceptual album Saint Luxury, it was only a matter of time before we got to see the ideas and images embedded in the record brought to life. 

Breaking free from comfort zones brings together these two clips — and is a central thematic facet of the record. Above, watch as Saint Luxury, the patron saint of lost souls, wanders lost in a city. She moves through in solitude, unnoticed by the cars and people around her as she sheds layers of clothing, looking for any kind of freedom. The video comes to a point when she sits beside Broke Royals vocalist Philip Basnight on a bench. Finally she is seen. 

All throughout, Basnight has been watching her, singing her story as the guitar catches with hooks. “Saint Luxury” carries this story at the heart of the song, but keeps the guitar-pop undertones that have become the signature sound of Broke Royals. 

Speaking of signature sound, “Born to Break” brings the tone closer to home by pushing the band further from it. Set completely in reality, the clip has documentary elements as it follows the band behind-the-scenes, finding their charm and centring it. By the end, you want to be friends with these guys, who — like Saint Luxury — are wandering new territory with conflicting feelings. No matter how far we may go, we carry longing inside of ourselves. 

The song is more anthemic, more singalong, and has enough energy to fill an arena. “Born to Break” holds many of the themes of Saint Luxury brought concretely into reality. 

You can find our review of Saint Luxury on New Sick Music here. You can also find more from the band on their website, SoundCloud, Facebook page, and on Twitter.

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