Bronze Whale- Love To Feel Ft Khai (Laetho Remix)

Megan Berberich, 3 years ago
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Austin group Bronze Whale are known for creating songs that last, something in the music industry that

is rare today. “Love To Feel” featuring Khai was released on their debut War Of Art EP and

continues to be a popular song across all platforms. Now Hebinomichi artist, Laetho, is adding

his touch to this song’s legacy. Laetho lays out a dark melodic twist to the songs otherwise light

lyrics which creates a soundscape of contrast and beauty. By taking us back and forth in

rhythms and blending genres Laetho is able lend a layer of complexity that will extend both the

listenability and reach of this outstanding Bronze Whale song. Let us know what you think of this remix, below.

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